Debra Keirce


– Sold Out

Spectacular is an original oil painting  by  Debra Keirce.  The art measures 16″ x 17″ with the  frame measuring 21″ x  22″,  frame included.

Artist note: 

The first step to becoming an artist is to see like one. Creating realism in two dimensions happens when you see light and colors as abstract shapes.

This is the inspiration for Spectacular.

The glasses  are each reflecting onto the table twice and there are reflections happening in the lenses themselves.

It’s like trying to puzzle out the trajectory of a billiard ball with more than three bounces off balls and bumpers. It’s crazy physics! It’s life!!

Sometimes things in the world get swirling and bouncing around so fast that you just have to stop, take a breath, and marvel at the beauty in the stillness of those abstract shapes

Category: Realism, Still Life

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