The Lost Colony Border Ware Pitcher

Lynn Ponto-Peterson

The Lost Colony Border Ware Pitcher is an opaque watercolor painting by Lynn Ponto-Peterson. The art measures 6 3/4″  x  6 3/4″ and the frame is 12″  x  12″, frame included. Note:This Border Ware pottery pitcher goes along with the painting, information on pitcher follows......17th century Border wares (and earlier) were typical coarse earthenware utility vessels for household use with a limited range of designs. These were termed “Tudor Green” in honor of the ruling family of England. These pottery vessels were robust and suitable for use in almost every aspect of daily life. Many pieces have been excavated along the Eastern Shore.

**This is a reproduction Border Ware pottery pitcher created by contemporary artist, Kenneth Henderson. 

Category: Realism, Still Life

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