Tulip Tree Blossoms

Cori Dyson


Tulip Tree Blossoms is an original oil painting by Cori Dyson. The art measures 9" x 12" and the frame measures 15 1/2" x 17 1/2".


"I have a tulip tree in my front yard. Every spring, it reliably blooms for less than a week in a gorgeous display of pink. I've wanted to capture this blossoming tree's beauty for longer than just a few days every year. This spring, I picked a few blossoms from the tree and brought them inside to create a painting. I wanted a soft painting to highlight the softness and gentleness of these blossoms.

I prefer to paint in a chiaroscuro style, an interplay of light and shadow. I like to paint the
light as if it emerges from the darkness. This is how I chose to paint these flowers. The blossom on the left is mostly in shadow and is mysterious, while the blossom on the right is so bright as if it is glowing. I like the interplay of light and dark, mystery and clarity, and softness and hardness in this painting. I planned this painting to be a juxtaposition of several opposites

I hope you enjoy this bit of spring all year round."

-Cori Dyson

Category: Floral, Still Life

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