Autumn Arrival

Judith Edgington Bayes


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A miniature acrylic painting by Florida artist, Judith Edgington Bayes. It measures 4" x 3" and the black wood frame is 5 1/2" x 4 1/4". The artist signed in the lower right corner. 

Judith specializes in Miniature Paintings. Painting in miniature requires the subject to be one sixth of natural size or smaller and the overall painting can be no more than 25 square inches. Traditional miniature art is fine art painted in small scale with minute attention to detail. This art is often viewed through magnifying glasses and must withstand that close inspection of details. Once I have the basic form and composition established in a painting, I use acrylic, thinned to provide a transparent layering of color. This layering continues until I achieve the depth of tone, texture, and pattern I am striving for in the details

Category: Miniature Art

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