Bygone Sentinel (Plein Air)

Lori Goll


Bygone Sentinel (Plein Air) a pastel painting by Lori Goll. The art measures 16″ x  20″  and the frame is 22″ x  26″, frame included.


All summer I felt compelled to paint this enormous and beautiful old oak tree at the Oatlands Plantation in Leesburg.  I decided to paint this tree entirely on location “en plein air” rather than in my studio.  The light and shadows change throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky, so I painted from 3-5pm on four different afternoons.  (This is what Monet did…he had a 2 o’clock canvas, a 4 o’clock canvas, etc)  The next week, I learned that this 250+ year old tree was felled by a rotating storm.  The next day I went to see it and noticed that it was almost completely hollow and rotten, being ravaged by carpenter ants.  I’m so glad I got to admire it in it’s last glory.   This is the largest plein air piece I’ve painted to date. 


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