Copper Kettle & Spring Berries

Steve Wilson


– Sold Out

An oil painting by contemporary artist, Steve Wilson. It measures 3 1/4" x 5" and the modern gold tone wood frame is 4 3/4" x 6 1/4". The artist signed in the lower left corner. 


As a young boy, Steve Wilson's family traveled and camped all through the summers and their interest played a great role in my fascination with the beauty of the outdoors. I would watch my mother paint scenes and was fascinated by how she did them. Later in life, I took some lessons from mom and I was hooked.

I could hardly wait to start a new painting and watch it come to life.  I began watching the PBS channel and read “how to paint” books. It started off as a hobby, and I then began squeezing it in between working three jobs and raising a family of five.

I had discovered a new way of talking. Art, like music, is a universal language. It has the ability to speak cross-culturally surpassing all language and cultural boundaries. It can even speak to the very heart and soul of a person. My desire is that through my work, I can speak to others in a way that my words could never express. I want to speak to them in a way that touches who they are inside.

In 1995 Steve was honored by Montana’s Art Council with a personal invitation to the Governor’s Residence by Governor Marc Racicot.

In 2003 and 2004 Steve won Duck’s Unlimited Print for Montana State. Steve’s work has toured through the Pacific Northwest in various galleries and museums and throughout the years has gained in recognition and popularity. One of Steve’s most cherished honors was been being voted as The Bitterroot’s Most Favorite Artist for the five years.

His most cherished reward though has been sharing his love to paint with the children in local schools.


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