Daffodils & Strawberries

Barbara Stanton


Daffodils & Strawberries is a miniature oil on silk painting by contemporary artist, Barbara Stanton. The art measures 2″ x 1 3/4″ and gold wood frame is 4 1/2" x 4 1/8". The artist signed in the lower left corner. 

About the artist:
I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. As a toddler, my Grandmother would hand me a pen and paper to keep me quiet in church service. In junior high, my art teacher encouraged me to develop my drawing skills by pointing out that I was improving with every drawing I did. My high school art teacher taught me that being creative is more important than copying a photo. If I had to rely on photographs, then I had better learn how to take them myself. I taught myself to draw but needed help learning how to use oils. I started painting while in high school when I found a private art teacher at a local gallery. I went on to attend community college and took every art class I could and discovered the joy of life drawing. I won a summer scholarship at the San Francisco Academy of Art and enjoyed the thrill of taking art classes in the city. I took a portrait painting workshop with Daniel Greene. He made me want to rush out and rent a portrait studio the next day! He made it seem so easy. I really loved it. I got glasses for the first time at 29 and was shocked to learn that my failing vision had robbed me of color as well as sharpness! Suddenly, I saw what I was missing and started to paint again. I consider my work seriously and put many hours of labor into each piece. I don’t consider myself a miniaturist. I am an artist who specializes in painting miniatures. I am mainly an oil painter. I make my own silk canvas which is like a scaled down version of a full size canvas. I also like to paint on ivorine (a synthetic Ivory like plastic), and on art boards. Anything smooth and archival will do. I have dabbled in almost every medium including watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, graphite, egg tempera, etching, and acrylic.
The hardest thing about making miniature art is framing it! I didn’t know anything about making frames or working with wood. I found that ready-made frames were mostly too “toy” like. I needed real scaled down frames and I found that you can buy the moldings from some of the dollhouse catalogs. I really scored when I found Steve Goode of S.H. Goode & Sons. He makes the best fine hardwood moldings. I make my frames custom for each piece. I also wanted each painting to have its own easel, in case my collector didn’t have a dollhouse or room to display them in. I wanted anyone to enjoy my work in their home, regardless of the kind of collector they were. I copied an easel I had in my studio and made a tiny version of it. It took me a while to find the right hardware for it, but I did. They come in several sizes and are fully adjustable. It’s not that easy painting so tiny. Everything about painting small felt right to me. I never wanted to go back. I love painting all of nature: landscapes, seascapes, florals, still life, animals, and people. It’s always about the light and color. Occasionally I get to paint on location, but mostly I work from my own photographic references that I have collected over the years. My camera is like an instant sketchbook. I will never run out of subjects I want to paint. I hope to live long enough to paint a thousand more pieces. In the dollhouse market, it’s nice to have a variety of subjects to offer my collectors. I am most inspired by nature, color, and light. I’m always aware of how the light falls on everything around me. What color is that shadow? The light caressing the hills! I want to recreate those moments. I enjoy every subject in nature. Landscapes, seascapes, florals, animals, and especially people. My work is inspired by the world I live in. Every painting has a story behind it. I have always loved to paint small. The best part is starting and finishing each painting, but I found that I got bored halfway through each large piece. They never turned out like I hoped they would, and they took forever to finish. When I started painting in miniature, I found a greater satisfaction than ever before. Now, I can start and finish a piece in just a few sessions, instead of months! I love the details and it is all details. I love a challenge. Ref: Daily Mini Interview: Miniature Art by Barbara Stanton.

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