Even Gourds Sweat

Debra Keirce

Even Gourds Sweat is an original oil painting by Debra Keirce.  The painting measures 6″  x  6″ with the  frame measuring  7  1/2″ x  7  1/2″, frame included.

I created this piece in a painting demonstration. I was trying to show students some tricks of my trade. I was explaining how to turn form with warm and cool colors and values, how to make things look reflective by adding highlights. It came to my attention that one of the students was actually sweating because they were so nervous. Honestly, I don’t ever want to make people sweat. It wasn’t me or my teaching. It wasn’t the room temperature. They were just so intent on painting their best. I still haven’t figured out how to comfort people who feel stress over learning to create art. I tell them that there is nobody judging here. This is just a place to learn and you can’t learn without making mistakes. Art is a relaxing comfort zone for me. Put a brush in my hand during the most stressful of situations, and I know my heart rate will slow and my blood pressure will drop. Everyone sweats, but nobody should sweat over learning to paint. I promise. It’s not at all scary!

Category: Realism, Still Life

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