Horne-Kaplan-Finding Their Way

Denise Horne-Kaplan


– Sold Out

Finding Their Way is an original pastel painting by  Denise Horne-Kaplan.  The art measures 10″ x  8″ with the  frame measuring  15 1/2″ x  13 1/2″,  frame included.


Finding their way. Roanoke was instrumental to the Algonquin Indians as early as the 1500's. The fishing and hunting on this island was so plentiful that it provided opportunities for the Algonquin people to transition to a more prominent settlement rather than a nomadic way of life. The same opportunities became available to the English more than 100 years later when they established the First English Colony.  I hope this landscape looks as welcoming to you as it did to our original Native American Indians and English settlers.

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