Horne-Kaplan-Health Flows in the Wind

Denise Horne-Kaplan


– Sold Out

Health Flows in the Wind is an original pastel painting by  Denise Horne-Kaplan.  The art measures 5″ x  4″ with the  frame measuring  11″ x  10″,  frame included.


Health flows in the wind. Forests, ponds and marshes created a diverse environment for the summer folk that arrived at the shores each summer to escape "Miasma", the so called poisonous vapors that the swamp marshes on the mainland give off.

Miasma was actually malaria that impacted all classes of people including slaves.  It was in fact the healthy ocean air breezes that that kept the mosquitos at bay, thereby providing a safe haven for all who came to the beautiful Outer Banks. It is in this painting that the new dawn over an ever-changing marsh speaks to our hearts of a hopeful future.


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