Horne-Kaplan-The Story of Bodie Island Lighthouse

Denise Horne-Kaplan


– Sold Out

The Story of Bodie Island Lighthouse is an original pastel painting by  Denise Horne-Kaplan.  The art measures 3 1/2″ x  3 1/2″ with the  frame measuring  9 1/2″ x  9 1/2″,  frame included.


The Bodie Island Lighthouse, (pronounced "body" by the locals), was built in 1871-72. This is the 3rd named Bodie Island Lighthouse, the first two were south of the  Oregon Inlet, Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras. When Dexter Stetson completed the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in 1870, he then moved construction equipment, tram railway, storage buildings and barges to the new Bodie Island Lighthouse site. The lighthouse's fixed white light was turned on October 1st 1872. In 1872 the Light House Board realized mariners could become confused during the day unless distinctive markings were painted on each tower. Black and white were selected as the contrasting colors. Bodie Island Lighthouse would have horizontal lines, checkers on Cape Lookout Light, and spirals on Cape Hatteras Light. 

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