Houser-Buffalo City Slider

Luann Houser


– Sold Out

Buffalo City Slider is an original oil on  linen board painting by  Luann Houser.  The art measures 3″ x  4 3/4″ with the  frame measuring  5″ x  6  1/2″, frame included.


Some long-time residents remember an old logging town-turned-prohibition era moonshine town named Buffalo City. The legends are extraordinary, the lawlessness and the booze, the money and the logging, the trains and the ghosts. Once the largest community in Dare County, NC, there’s nothing left. The swamp has reclaimed the area, and little physical evidence remains. When we learned the fascinating story of Buffalo City, we had to see for ourselves!

The marshy land where Buffalo City once stood, is now part of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. There are roads, but a cautionary flyer warns you not to venture off the path, cell service is spotty, and if you get stuck….well….you’re on your own.

We used our GPS to locate where “Buffalo City” was supposed to have been. It was wild and wonderful, no sounds but the frogs and the chirps of….alligators?

While we were lucky enough to spot a gator, another beautiful creature we were lucky enough to spot was a huge Slider Turtle sunning himself on a log. He suspiciously eyed us, then suddenly splashed into the dark, mysterious waters.  

We saw unique, beautiful butterflies, huge dragonflies with wings of shimmery brilliant blues and greens, cat tails, turtles, lots of various flowers and swamp plants I’m not at all familiar with. It was wild, beautiful, dangerous. We didn’t venture out into the swamps, where moonshiners might disappear, and a whole town sank and deteriorated into the dark waters, where the ghost of men long passed may wander. What beauty, what secrets. What a tale it has to tell of a frontier city style life.

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