Houser-Footprints on My Heart

Luann Houser


– Sold Out

Footprints on My Heart is an original oil on  linen board painting by  Luann Houser.  The art measures 4 1/2″ x  3″ with the  frame measuring  6 1/2″ x  5″, frame included.


This is simply a very personal painting of a beloved pet that has been gone several years. I had a pair of Patterdale Terriers named Thelma and Louise (yes, after the movie!). They were my best friends, my traveling buddies, my everything! Anyone who has dogs understands the connections we have with our special friends, and sometimes, the most special dog simply is a soul mate. Thelma was that dog. It’s the heartbreak of our lives that they live such short lives compared to ours, but Thelma was with me for 15 years. She knew all of my secrets, joys, successes and failures.

In the last year of her life, we were lucky enough to come the the Outer Banks for our first time. We loved it more than I ever imagined I would. The salty air seemed to lift her spirits, make her aches less noticeable, and put a little pep in her step. We made the most of every moment. I carried her to the sand, carried her to the water, and walked slowly down the beach a time or two while we were there. I believe she loved it, and having her with me was a special gift.

During that time, I shot a quick cell phone photo, but she was walking faster than the phone took the photo. Later, I saw the footprints, saw her shadow, and envisioned this painting as a memorial to her spirit.

Thelma, your footprints across my heart are never forgotten. Rest in Peace little girl, I see you in the shadows, in the clouds, and in those special corners of my mind where I stash the very best memories.  

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