Houser-In the Gardens

Luann Houser


– Sold Out

In the Gardens is an original oil on  linen board painting by  Luann Houser.  The art measures 4″ x  3″ with the  frame measuring   6″ x  5″, frame included.


A kind friend was able to get us entry to the Elizabethan Gardens for a magic evening strolling the cultured paths under the ancient trees. Her beautiful daughter Maizie was happy to wear the fancy long dress for a wonder-filled and magical experience. Maizie was delighted by the winding paths, the mysterious ancient trees, the beautiful hydrangeas and ferns growing along the walkways, the glowing white marble statues.  

I wanted to try and capture a little of that magic and paint her beautiful and delicate features. I liked the blues of the hydrangeas, the deep dark greens of the forest, they highlighted her soft skin, reddish glow of her hair, and the fancy frills of the dress.

From the Elizabethan gardens website:
“Fanciful and elaborate gardens were designed to entertain Queen Elizabeth I during her reign. Our garden was created for your enjoyment, and as a living memorial to the time when Sir Walter Raleigh’s lost colonists lived in this very place over 400 years ago. The Elizabethan Gardens is a project of the Garden Club of North Carolina.”

It’s a delightful and beautiful must-see place on Roanoke Island.

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