Houser-Magic Garden

Luann Houser


– Sold Out

Magic Garden is an original oil on  linen board painting by  Luann Houser.  The art measures 4 1/2″ x  3″ with the  frame measuring   6 1/2″ x  5″, frame included.


A kind friend was able to get us entry to the Elizabethan Gardens for a magic evening strolling the cultured paths under the ancient trees. Her beautiful daughter Maizie was happy to wear the fancy long dress for a wonder-filled and magical experience. Maizie was fascinated by the tiny little butterflies that flittered among the hydrangeas, always just slightly out-of-reach.

I wanted to try and capture a little of that magic, but I was wondering how I would be able to capture an image of the butterflies and dragonflies that were so tiny. As I was designing the painting, I was puzzling over which butterfly, (or dragonfly) I would try to use. That morning, I opened the door to take my dogs for a walk, and there was a Luna Moth perched in my Japanese Maple tree. It was the perfect solution to my puzzle, and it had appeared like magic! I haven’t seen a Luna moth in years, (and never at my little farm), so indeed it was magical, and perfect for this painting.

I hope you enjoy seeing the magic!

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