Debra Keirce


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Props is an oil painting by Debra Keirce (Virginia). The art measures 4" x 4" and it frame is 5 1/4" x 5 1/4".


This art is in the 31st International Miniature Art Show. It is available for purchase immediately but needs to stay in the gallery until the end of the show. All art in the 31st International Miniature Art Show ships for free within the USA.


Rusty metal and bottles kissed by the sea - these are so enjoyable to paint. The propellers and portholes conjure stories of travels fraught with perils. I can sit here safe in my studio, apart from the dangers of the ocean, and marvel at the beauty in the rust and scratches. The power behind waves that reclaim the minerals in these man made objects - it puts me in a spiritual place. Propellers are created to move us terrestrials forward in a water environment. Mother nature is sure to leave her mark on our attempts to do so.

Category: Miniature Art Show

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