Keirce-Rainbow Row

Debra Keirce


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Rainbow Row is an oil painting by Debra Keirce (Virginia). The art measures 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" and the frame is 4" x  6", frame included.

This art is in the 29th International Miniature Art Show. It is available for purchase immediately but needs to stay in the gallery until the end of the show. All art in the 29th International Miniature Art Show ships for free within the USA.

"Across from Seaside Art Gallery, along one of my favorite beaches on the planet, sits a row of houses enjoyed by scores of summer tourists. They remind me of Rainbow Row in Charleston, where I was once represented by a gallery at 1.5 Broad Street. And, they remind me of the Painted Ladies houses in San Francisco. All are memories that make me smile.
In my humble opinion, architecture is the hardest subject to paint in a classical realism style. When you paint, it's easy to lose your drawing.. You have to be a really skilled draftsman to paint architecture realistically. I love a challenge, so I love to paint architecture. And doing this piece in miniature, where every little discrepancy is amplified, is the most challenging of all.
I am happy with how my "Rainbow Row" turned out. I think I earned my title of master artist. It was a challenging image to paint under a magnifier, but I succeeded in what I set out to do - I captured that feeling of color and line decorating a street not far from one of my favorite beaches on the planet."

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