Squirrel Away

Debra Keirce


Squirrel Away is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The art measures 7″ x 5″ with the  frame measuring  11″ x  9″,  frame included.


Squirrels always amaze me. They are one of the most resourceful species, learning to coexist with suburban housewives. They are always busy, but in a way that calms me.


They race to a safe branch and then patiently watch you walk by. I love watching them. They're cute, and their antics make me laugh. Have you ever seen them jump from tree to tree, hanging by a leg and then an arm? They are hilarious. And all the while, they're ticking things off their to do lists. I'm a fan.

***Finalist in the 2021 Historic Manassas Art Banner Contest

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