Well Suited

Debra Keirce


Well Suited is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The art measures 16″ x 24″ with the  frame measuring  17 1/4″ x  25 1/4″,  frame included.


"Well Suited" is the history of bathing suits in America. I intentionally left out the Speedo and thongs. Nobody wants to see those. Did you know that on many public beaches in the 1920's, women were arrested for failing to comply with dress codes? Police measured from knee to skirt and the size of armholes. Women in violation were asked to cover up or leave. In Chicago, there was a tailor available that could sew you an appropriate garment.

 Male bathing suit code violations were not enforced. In fact, by the 1930's men began to take their shirts off at the beaches, and dress codes for women began to relax.

 This piece is painted in a style called Trompe L'oeil. It translates to "fool the eye." Hopefully, I painted it realistically enough that you feel like you could reach in a pick up one of those paper dolls.

Category: Contemporary, People

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