Look Closer

Debra Keirce


Look Closer  is an original oil painting on board by  Debra Keirce.  The original oil painting on board measures 8″  x 6″ with the  frame measuring  13 1/2″ x  11 1/2″, frame included. 

Everyone has a dream. For me, that dream is to invite people to engage all their senses when they view my art. I love miniature art because you are encouraged to view it under a magnifying lens, to see what it looked like while I was painting it. That is a higher level of engagement than just viewing it from across the room like you do in a museum. I don’t stop there though. I try to get people to engage further. In this piece, I want collectors to smell the incense in that burner, and the perfume in that bottle. I want you to feel the heat in the burner vs. the cold of the concrete block. When this happens, I get chills. It lifts me up because I’ve pulled you into my fantasy world and now you will weave your own stories about what this painting means to you. Art is so powerful. I have a dream, and I am in awe every time it comes true.

Category: Still Life, Surrealism

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