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Modern World

Debra Keirce


“Modern World”
12” x 14” Oil on Panel
Framed to 14” x 16”
Wyeth’s famous 1948 painting has no trees and there is a grey barn along with several houses far away on the horizon. Christina has always looked to me as though she is contemplating the future, from her perspective in a plowed field. 
In my painting, I posed my daughter in our side yard, where she spent hours as a child, playing on slip and slides or pitching tents in the summer, and building snowmen in the winter. Today, she flew across the country for her fall semester of her senior year of college. She turns 21 in a few weeks. She has been building a resume of internships, but her future is still unknown. There are lots of trees she could climb to possibly get a better view of it. Since this is her senior year, the day when she needs to bravely step out into the adult world has been looming closer and closer. I painted the side of the house large, and with lines that point to what is beyond the horizon.
It is my hope that this painting evokes a feeling we all experience whenever life circumstances change and we move from our comfortable status quo into a hopeful but unsure new future, our modern world.
INspired by:
“Christina’s World”
by Andrew Wyeth
Egg tempera on gessoed panel
Museum of Modern Art, New York City

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