Polotsky-And His Tender Mercies .... (Psalm 144:9)

Liat Polotsky


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Polotsky-And His Tender Mercies Are all Over His Work (Psalm 144:9) is an original oil painting  on canvas by Liat Polotsky.  The art measures  8″ x 8″ and the frame is 13″ x  13″,  frame included.

** Note from artist: 

For years, the panda was defined as an animal at-risk and became the symbol of endangered animals. In an attempt to prevent the disappearance of these adorable bears, the Chinese government has set up 11 pandas breeding centers and banned the hunting of bears.

I visited two of these places. The larges of them is very close to Chengdu city and was called “Giant Panda Breeding Center”. This place has been created to imitate the natural habitat of Giant pandas in order to have the best possible environment for rearing and breeding.

The giant pandas are not only a Chinese national treasure but are also beloved by people all over the world. They are found only in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. There are fewer than 2,000, of which 70% are distributed within the territory of Sichuan Province. Therefore, when visitors from home and abroad come to Chengdu, one of their main objectives will be to see with their own eyes this lovely animal.

The panda is considered to be an affectionate and favorite animal with a kind, baby-like expression. In fact, when I first saw the pandas, I remembered the toy bears that I embraced as a child. As a girl, I did not understand the inspiration for the toy bears because I saw only ordinary bears and did not find the similarity between them and my toy bears. It was only when I was able to see this amazing animal that, despite its enormous weight (250 kg) climbs lightly on trees and eats bamboo reeds throughout the day, with an incredibly sweet expression. Only then, I finally realized where did the inspiration for toy bears came from around the world. But we must not forget that the panda is not a toy and it is an animal that should be guarded. Therefore I painted it as a regular animal, found in the forest among other animals, and not as a toy.

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