Polotsky-The End, Nothing, No Earth At All

Liat Polotsky


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The End, Nothing, No Earth At All is an oil painting on canvas by Liat Polotsky (Israel). The art measures  4" x 4" and the frame is 6" x 6". 


This art is in the 31st International Miniature Art Show. It is available for purchase immediately but needs to stay in the gallery until the end of the show. All art in the 31st International Miniature Art Show ships for free within the USA.


"Our world is a gift that we were granted, and which gives us and everything around us life. It is our duty to keep finding ways to protect it - and certainly not destroy it with our own hands.

 We pollute the air, the seas and the land, we allow deforestation of our jungles, we burn the plants that provide us oxygen, we kill and consume, and we let wildlife species disappear forever. But our survival is intertwined with the survival of all life on Earth.

Each of these miniatures represents a landscape related to preserving or destroying life in nature - a live forest, a scorching wildfire, and a void - the nothingness that we need to do more to prevent.”

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