Debra Keirce


Puddled  is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The painting measures 20″  x 16″ with the  frame measuring  23  3/4″ x  19  3/4″, frame included.

My husband and I love to go on nature walks. One of the things we love about our neighborhood is the miles of paved trails. So even on a wet, misty morning we can enjoy a brisk walk. I was struck one day by how everything around us faded into a mysterious atmosphere, but the puddles on the paths clearly reflected the sky and trees. What a metaphor for life! So often we have no idea what is over that next bridge in our journey, and the future seems so clouded. Yet if we just stop to reflect on the present moment, things are so very clear. After painting this piece I bought a bunch of books on being present, and in the moment, enjoying the beauty in the here and now. It’s become a sort of mantra for me. When I get excited about upcoming events, I try to remind myself to focus on the now and enjoy the moment I am in. 

Category: Landscape, Realism

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