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Debra Keirce


Reflecting is an original oil painting by Debra Keirce.  The painting measures 16″  x  30″ with the  frame measuring  21″ x 35″, frame included.

This painting is one of my favorite still life pieces, and very much a self portrait. The 17th century painters would weave allegories using layers of symbolism. Your interpretation of this painting is personal to you, but I’ll share what the elements in this piece mean to me. Eucalyptus is the tallest known flowering plant on earth and has healing properties. It’s earned some respect! The magnifying lens I use every day to paint in miniature helps me to understand and see details in life that would otherwise go unnoticed. Those glass spheres could be used as crystal balls to discern the future, if you believe in that sort of thing. Cut one in half and it doesn’t tell the future, but acts as another magnifier, letting you see what’s right there in front of you much more clearly. Of course the light bulb symbolizes ideas and creativity. Empty glass jugs are just waiting to be filled, but with what? I painted the background black and white in even proportions, to symbolize the yin and the yang, or notan. That is the basis all my art is created from - shadow and light. So you see, what I have painted here is a still life, but it is also me trying to figure out the best path so I can be creative and observant enough to rise up and flower, and get the best and highest view I’m capable of as an artist. I think we all aspire to this same worthy goal no matter what our profession. When we reflect back, we see and chart our progress in getting there.

Category: Realism, Still Life

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