Siegrist W-Afloat in an Emerald Sea

Wes Siegrist


– Sold Out

Afloat in an Emerald Sea is a watercolor painting by Wes Siegrist (Tennessee). The art measures 2″ x 3" and the frame is  6" x 7", frame included.


This work of art is featured in the 32nd International Miniature Art Show. This beautiful piece of art can now be purchased. However, since this show is a competition, it can not be shipped or picked up until May 27th, 2023, the end of the show.

The show itself is a highly acclaimed event that hosts hundreds of small-scale masterpieces from around the globe. It brings together some of the finest artists in miniature artwork and provides an opportunity for them to showcase their creativity in a unique way. 

Category: Animals & Wildlife

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