Tender Mercies

Jeffrey H. Craven

Tender Mercies is an original watercolor painting by Jeffrey H. Craven. The art measures 10″ x 15 1/2″ and the frame is 17 1/2″ x 23 1/2″, frame included.

Jeffrey Craven offered his insight to this painting:

I know that a mother and housewife is more than full-time employment. I have
remained home several years when our children were young and did the cooking
and cleaning etc while my wife worked and I painted. But, we had to wait until
after work for Mother. Men can do almost anything in switching roles, but they
cannot mother. I admire women for who they can be in a home (as you can tell
by my favorite themes).

So, in the midst of the 24 hour job, women need a moment in time to themselves.
A bubble bath, a trip to the mall or to read a good book. Hopefully their partner
gives them that.

In my top five favorite movies is “Tender Mercies” and she tells Duvall about
Psalms 25 and her gratitude for His tender mercies. I think gratitude makes
what we have, to be enough. (R. Duvall’s academy award for best actor).

The dual meanings in the painting are a moment to herself and the beautiful
little things that decorate our lives.

Category: Landscape, Realism

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