That Day in March IV

Lori Goll


That Day in March IV a pastel painting by Lori Goll. The art measures 8″ x  10″  and the frame is 9″ x  11″, frame included.


This is a series of four paintings that were painted from photos that I took at Coquina in March of 2020.  I had come down to the OBX for a doctor's appointment.  My son and I were holed up in our little cottage, and the fear and uncertainty and enormity of the pandemic was just being realized.

I drove down to Coquina, where I love to walk and sit in the beauty of the dunes.  I had the place to myself.  The day was soft and misty....the sun wasn't quite fully out.  The dunes still had on their winter browns and were barely beginning to green.  I can't look at those photos without remembering the emotions of the day.

I tried to capture the not-quite-sunny and not-quite-spring feeling of the day.  

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