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The Big Send Off (Minnesott Beach Ferry, NC)

Tony Craig


The Big Send Off (Minnesott Beach Ferry, NC) is a watercolor painting by Tony Craig. The art measures 10" x  15" and the frame is 16 1/4" x 21 1/4", frame included.

 Artist note:  “Everyone who has boarded one of North Carolina’s ferries has probably seen a tableau like this…a handful of gulls waiting on the pier pilings for the boat to take off, so they can lazily drift behind it waiting for passengers to toss up a morsel of bread, cracker, or left over lunch. This was at the launch for the Cherry Branch to Minnesott  Beach Ferry in Pamlico County, and I titled this such as it looked like they were there for the purpose of seeing you go. On the other hand, you could call them a welcoming committee coming from the other way!”


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