Debra Keirce

Thingamajugs   is an original oil painting by  Debra Keirce.  The painting measures 4″  x  4″ with the  frame measuring  5  1/4″ x  5  1/4″, frame included.

I had a bit of a culture shock when I started traveling with artist friends. You see, other than business trips when I was a corporate engineer, I’d never traveled before. When my kids were little I rarely left the town we raised them in. So when I found myself in Japan, Venice, Montreal, Charleston, Atlanta and various places attending art conferences, plein air paintouts, workshops, etc., it was a whole new world to me. One of the things that really intrigued me in this new world were the vessels. I’ve done several paintings now of beverage containers, incense burners, bottles, and vases. I’ll continue to paint them because they are so interesting to me. Archeologists can tell a lot about a culture from ancient pottery. I feel the same about vessels, or thingamajugs. Each has a design that is unique to its function and culture. I personify the elements in my still life paintings. In this one, I have a daddy thingamajug, a mommy thingamajug and a baby thingamajug. Each is uniquely beautiful. The baby is positioned in front of the mommy’s belly. When I painted this piece, I was thinking of how ideas are born and become part of a new reality.

Category: Realism, Still Life

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