Wacaster-Queen Elizabeth I

Linda Wacaster


– Sold Out

Queen Elizabeth I is an original oil painting by Linda Wacaster.  The art measures 12″ x 9" and  the  frame is  13 1/4" x 10 1/4", frame included.


Queen Elizabeth I, 1550 – 1603 – Painted after Zucchero’s painting of 1855

 In the 1500’s when America was still a newfound land, every country wanted a piece of it. Queen Elizabeth heard many stories of gold, silver, hides, sugar, and pearls being discovered.  She was so excited at this news she knighted Walter Raleigh.  Now he was Sir Walter, the owner of the queen’s seven-year patent to settle land in the new world.

 Queen Elizabeth was referred to as the virgin Queen because she never married.  She said her “love for England” was her husband.  There are many symbols embroidered and painted into her dress. Pearls symbolize her virginity. The eyes and ears represent her sense of omniscience as queen.  She can hear and see everything. The serpent has a heart shaped ruby in its mouth representing her wisdom controlled by her emotions. 

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