Wacaster-Typical Indian Home

Linda Wacaster


– Sold Out

Typical Indian Home is an original oil painting by Linda Wacaster.  The art measures 9″ x 12" and  the  frame is  10 1/4" x 13 1/4", frame included.


John White had many drawings of what a typical Indian village looked like.  Their homes were called “long houses” and were constructed by using sharpened sapling poles which were driven close together in the ground.  Strips of bark were woven horizontally through the lines of the poles to weatherproof the walls.  The roof was made by bending a series of poles resulting in an arc-shaped roof.  The top was covered with leaves and grasses and the frame would be covered with bark sewn in place and layered shingles.  Doors were covered with animal hides to preserve interior warmth. 

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