10 Reasons Why Original Art Matters in the Home

April 19, 2019

Steamers is an original acrylic painting by the artist, Allan Jones

By Chelsea Reed
In our three-part series for the benefits of art, we reviewed how original art has fascinating impacts on the human brain and child development. Today, we will conclude by observing how it has positive impacts in the home. We found 10 ways! Let’s review:
1. It gives the room a finished look.
There’s something special that happens when you decorate your home with original art. Whether you recently moved in or lived there for years, art balances negative space and enriches rooms with detail. 
2. It made the house you grew up in feel more like home.
My Childhood Friend is a miniature oil painting on ivorine by artist, Beverly AbbottChances are you were exposed to original art growing up. It may have been the pieces your family displayed in your childhood home. Or perhaps you took art classes or went to a museum on a field trip. You may have even noticed art in restaurants, hospitals, and court houses. Anytime we see art during our childhood, we absorb their content without realizing it. These cherished ideas grow healthy development into adulthood.
3. Original art creates memories.
As mentioned above, original art has lasting impressions for all ages. Each piece reminds us of a special moment, such as a vacation, a beloved family member, or a fun trip to the ice cream shop. This means we can fill our homes with life’s beautiful memories to enjoy whenever we want!
4. It also creates texture and mood.
Original art has an amazing variety of textures depending on the piece. From soft oil paint to rough burlap to sleek stone sculpture, you can complement the art with furniture in surprising fun ways. Seeking a private pastel getaway? A fun beach vibe? Experiment with different colors and textures to create the space you want, your way.
5. Original art is an experience.
It is truly a unique experience taking home your own original art. Unlike mass-printed materials that can be bought and forgotten, original art encourages us to enjoy life, ponder its mysteries, and share with others. Who wants a copy when you can have the real thing? Showcasing your prizes to visitors is a great feeling. Both the artist and the arts are supported. You may even decide to gift them to a friend so they can enjoy the benefits too! 
6. It’s a conversation starter.
Do you entertain in your home? Let original art be a conversation piece for your guests. That beautiful sculpture in the foyer or painting in the dining room will make your home the next big thing in town. From holiday parties to neighborly visits to business dinners, original art is a smart way to break the ice. And everyone will have a good time getting to know each other!
7. Having original art around fosters creativity.
Even when the guests have left, art keeps giving benefits to the owner! It fosters open-ended thinking that may help you write that dream book or solve a tricky work project. Have a moment to yourself? Art provides the perfect backdrop for private painting and journaling.
8. There is virtually no space limit.
Owning original art for the home is not exclusive for wealthy mansions. Seaside Art Gallery has many different painting sizes from the length of a person to tiny miniatures. That means you can enjoy art anywhere from an apartment, a single-family home, or at work in the office. You can also donate purchased pieces to your favorite charitable organization.
9. Original art is a long-term investment.
Art adds value to the home and your investments too. Depending on the artist, technique and market demand, an heirloom art piece could fetch a high dollar amount when you or your loved ones need it in the future. If you decide to collect art as an investment, it is wise to have them appraised first. 
10. You have fun creating your personal art gallery.
It is perfectly fine to collect art for the simple fun of it! One of the best parts about art collecting is choosing the pieces you love. Then you get to gaze upon your favorite beauties any time in your home! 
Share with us ways art is important to you in your home. Let us know on Facebook! Feel free to browse our selections for the perfect addition to your personal gallery. 
Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina.

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