Animals in Art Show
February 1st – 29th, 2024

"Time Out" by Sue Wall. All the proceeds from the purchase of this piece go to the Outer Banks Coastal Humane Society.

The Creative Way to Help Animals.

Animals fill our homes…and hearts…with unconditional companionship. Their tireless love and support make us laugh…take us on wild adventures…not to mention how good they are at keeping our secrets! But sometimes, pets and their humans need our help. This art show is created to help cuddly pets stay with their humans in hard times.  With the Animals in Art Show, we can make a difference together.

When you buy art in this warmhearted show, it changes everything! 10% of the proceeds go to the Coastal Humane Society. They help people help their pets. The Coastal Humane Society helps them with pet vaccinations, spay and neutering, emergency medical care, expensive vet bills, hurricane relief, and more!

This amazing event is for animal lovers everywhere! ...and now is the time you too can help pets and pet owners stay together through hard times by buying art in this show! These beautiful pieces are ready for a welcoming fur-ever home now.

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