Outer Banks Squared - The Art Show
July 20th - August 17th, 2024

Did you know the Outer Banks is known as the Land of Beginnings? Our famous string of barrier islands boasts a long history of America’s firsts. From the Wright Brothers’ First Flight, first English Colony, and first English child born in America …to the First National Seashore, first wireless radio broadcast, and first hang gliding school! Inspired by the creativity and invention originating on our shores, we birthed another first… Outer Banks Squared – The Art Show. 

Our talented artists bring this fun art show to life with its colorful celebration of the Outer Banks’ iconic landmarks, legends, natural beauty and magnificent wildlife. All of the art is square…from miniatures to large paintings. Square art is versatile and easy to combine… side-by-side in two’s, three’s, or even tiling… to brighten any room or hallway. Express your favorite color or theme and enjoy it anywhere in your office or home. 


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