Suns Up an acrylic painting by Tykie Ganz
Can Desk Art Inspire You to be More Productive?

September 18, 2023

It’s natural to desire making everyday tasks more fun by expressing yourself. Many people who work or study like to personalize their desks with plants, tabletop desk games, and even original desk art.

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La Petite Pyramids is an original color lithograph by Alexander Calder.
Here Are 5 Impressive Lithographs Made by Master Artists

August 22, 2023

What is a lithograph? Well, it’s a little tricky to describe. But it’s a fascinating art form that Master artists experimented with since 1798. A lithograph is somewhat like an etching, but instead of the image being “bitten” into a metal plate, it is drawn onto stone with a greasy crayon.

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African Violets an original oil painting by artist William Crute.
Need a Pick-Me-Up? These Colorful Florals are Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face

August 19, 2023

Flowers are experts at pulling you out of a sticky slump. Whether they are for life’s important moments or you simply get them “just because,” this gorgeous part of the plant is always ready to trigger your happiness.

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Our experience began back in the 1960's or early 1970's when we first purchased a seascape by M Charles, followed by some smaller paintings by Mary Jane Hopkins. Later on some by Vernon Rollins then one by Barclays Sheaks for my wife's birthday , can't remember the exact date. We always stop in when visiting the area, wonderful place.

Richard & Carole Hockman

Ms. Smith, it was a pleasure to drop by one of my favorite destinations on the Outer Banks. It is a thrill to see your business thriving still and that you took it over from your parents. I have been enjoying the gallery since the early 1970\'s. I purchased a beautiful and dramatic Dan Dunn painting from you last week. It will soon be on my wall. I am so pleased with it and with your services. You are a pro and it shows. Thanks so much!

Keith Florence

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