7 Awesome Dog Facts That Will Amaze You

February 03, 2020

Trouble - Min Pin is an oil painting by Judy Schrader

By Chelsea Reed

We love dogs! They’re admirable, loyal, and simply amazing. As the most popular pet in the United States, there’s a lot we know about dogs. But do you know about these fun facts? Put your canine knowledge to the test with these unusual and interesting morsels of info.

1. Purposed Acts of Kindness 

Let's Walk is an oil painting by Debra Keirce. Original art of two dogs walking.A dog’s kindness is more than a feeling, it’s a scientific fact. A recent study showed that dogs can comprehend giving, and are capable of choosing to give without expecting a reward. Dogs are also proven to have memories. Like humans, they can remember good and bad experiences. If you want to get a dog, consider giving back to these kind animals by visiting a local shelter. You’re sure to brighten a four-legged friend’s day!

2. Dream Believer

Have you ever watched Fido move around in his sleep and wonder if he’s dreaming? He is! Dogs really do dream. Seniors and puppies dream more often. Speaking of sleeping, here’s another neat fact: 45% of dogs in the U.S. sleep in their owner’s beds.

3. The Nose Knows

We all know that a dog’s nose is like having a superpower. A human nose has 5 million receptors, but a dog’s nose has 300 million! No two dog noses are alike. Each nose print is different, like a person’s fingerprint. Think about that the next time you wipe them off the window!

4. A Pet per Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Did you know that a person’s blood pressure goes down when petting a dog? There’s lots of evidence today that canine companionship is great for a person’s health. It’s good for the dog, too! A dog’s blood pressure also drops when petted. Now that makes us want to go pet one...

5. See Spot Run

A dog can run 2 to 5 miles per day, depending on the breed. The world record of running goes to Togo, a Siberian Husky who ran over 250 miles! With his sled team, he traveled through northern and central Alaska to help deliver life-saving serum to Nome. Balto, who delivered the medicine, ran 55 miles.

6. The Hall of Canine Fame

There are plenty of famous dogs besides Togo and Balto, of course. Lassie and Toto are doggie celebrities! Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd, was very special. He was found at a bombed dog shelter as a puppy after a battle in World War I. The soldier who found him was an aspiring dog trainer. The two became best friends and went into the movie business together after the war. Rin Tin Tin appeared in many films and signed autographs with his paw! He was even nominated for an Academy Award. His star is in the Hall of Fame today.

7. Happy Holidays from Fido

Speaking of signing, you’re not alone if you sign your Christmas cards on behalf of Rover. A whopping 70% of people in the country sign their dog’s names on holiday cards. So if you don’t, well… What are you waiting for? Your dog will love you for it.

Can’t get enough of the canine goodness? Check out Seaside Art Gallery’s Animals in Art Show. It’s held every February each year, and a portion of the proceeds go to help the Coastal Humane Society, who assists animals in need. Let’s show our canine companions how much we appreciate them!

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