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7 Summer Seaside Escapes You will Love This Year

July 16, 2020

Busy Surf is an oil painting by Outer Banks artist, Janet Pierce

By Chelsea Reed

The season of sun and surf, sand in your toes, and starlit evenings is in full swing! There’s no place like the beach when you’re seeking a place to escape. The solitude, serenity, and sense of infinity when you look out over the open ocean is something special. Whether you’re able to make it to the beach or not this year, these square sized art pieces are sure to inspire you. Here are some of our favorites this year.

1. OBX Horse and Gull by Elizabeth Elgin

It’s another day in paradise for this seagull and ‘Banker pony. The soundside marsh grasses are bright and beautiful with the oil paint. Just like flowers, the grass changes colors with the seasons.The glistening water makes you want to splash in it!

2. Gazebo by Van Vliet

The pastel colors paint the perfect picture of enjoying a breathtaking Outer Banks sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee. Gazebos are classic landmarks in Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills beaches.Their graceful structures and shade from sun and rain remind us how important it is to slow down and savor the moment while it’s here.

3. Sandpiper on the Move by Karen Chamblin

The soft brushstrokes capture the movement so well for our cute feathered beach resident. Its cheery demeanor is sure to put a smile on someone’s face! The neutral colors happen to be a great accent for any room needing a perky lift. 

4. An Energetic Beach Walk by Amy Ishmael

We just love the textures conveying kinetic energy in this seaside oil painting. This new award-winning artist has a unique style of her own. The ocean looks so alive! And the rustic weathered wood frame is a wonderful compliment. This piece fully embraces the power of the wild Outer Banks ocean. 

5. Busy Surf by Janet Groom Pierce

Here’s another gorgeous piece that shows the Outer Banks ocean in a different light. The cobalt blue waters are an accurate picture of the beach on a clear July or August day. The sparse vegetation is accurate, too. Here’s a fun fact: The name Hatteras comes from the Algonquin word meaning “there is less vegetation.” 

6. The Hills at Sunset by Liat Polotsky

The Hills at Sunset is an abstract oil painting by Liat PolotskyIt’s easy to assume this oil painting is another beach sunrise… But surprise! It’s actually a sunset over the sand hills in the west, which is soundside in Outer Banks geography. Perhaps the sun is setting over the majestic Jockey’s Ridge, the largest sand dune in the U.S. East Coast. 

7. My Quiet Place, Betty C. White

The title says everything in this one! Tucked away between the dunes, it looks like this beachgoer has discovered a place all to themselves. A sunny spot with secluded sand and the gentle sound of the water… how lovely! Shh, don’t tell anyone - it will be our little secret.

You can find more seaside escapes like this in Outer Banks Squared: The Art Show online. These special square-shaped art pieces are available for a limited time once a year at Seaside Art Gallery. You can also see other beach themed art in the Gallery’s Marine collection year-round. It’s the perfect go-to for your surf and sand fix!

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina

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