Cozy Fall Art That Feels Like Home

November 30, 2020

Red and Vines is an original watercolor painting by the award winning artist, Karen Latham. The original art is of a cardinal.

By Chelsea Reed

There’s no such thing as too much comfort this holiday season. Trends and technologies come and go… but pastimes of cooking the holiday bird and sipping apple cider are a welcome change of pace for the young and old alike. Today we’ll enjoy some original art pieces inspired by the fall side of the holiday season. Time to sit on the couch with a sweater and get cozy. This blog is all about the comforts of home!

Autumn Light by Carolyn Cohen

Watercolor etching

The subtle tones in this etching hearken back to home cooked meals and simpler times. The brighter colors of the fruit bring a nice sense of balance. Note the etchings hanging on the wall in this’s a fun little detail.

Red and Vines (Northern Cardinal) by Karen Latham 


This picture-perfect cardinal may look like a photo, but it is actually a painting! Its feathers are so realistic, you may be tempted to touch them. The branches and leaves are gorgeous, too. The angle is reminiscent of looking outside the backyard from a kitchen window. 

Autumn By the Water by Pauline Denyer


The vibrant colors in this waterside scene may remind you of a backyard coastal home in the fall. Diverse colored leaves mingle in a period of transition. The sight is a visual symbol of the changes we experience from one  holiday to the next. It’s a lovely reminder that change can be beautiful, and to enjoy the moment while it is here.

Light Touch by Debra Kierce

Oil painting

Inspired by a soy candle a friend gifted her, Kierce’s piece is a brilliant display of light in oil paintings. You can feel the warmth of the candle just looking at it. Super cozy!

Mums and Copper by Karen Chamblin

Oil painting

If “Light Touch” showcases light in oil, “Mums and Copper” shows off impressionism in oil at its best. Impressionism’s feathery strokes soften the colors to complete the rustic autumn feel. It’s eye-catching appeal makes it great for the dining room, hallway, living room or home office. 

Autumn Shadows by Connie Cruise

Oil painting

Autumn Shadows is an original painting by the Outer Banks, NC artist, Connie Cruise

If you grew up on a farm, know a relative who did, or simply like the idea of it, this piece will probably resonate with you. The blissful fall countryside is a classic decor choice for the kitchen, dining room or foyer of any home.

To find more pieces that make you feel cozy, check out Seaside Art Gallery’s collection online. There’s even a wildlife art show right now with furry wolves, baby cougars, and fluffy birds. And because they are paintings, you can admire their coziness without them scaring you… or you scaring them away! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays.

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina.

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