How do Animals in Art Promote Positive Community Change?

March 01, 2019

The Hare Always Lies Within Sound of a Dogs Bark is a miniature gouache painting of a rabbit by Debby Faulkner Stevens

By Chelsea Reed

There were so many wonderful pieces at Seaside Art Gallery’s Animals in Art Show this year! While the art show may be over, there are still many ways art can help the people and animals in your community year-round. You may ask, “how can art make a difference?” In many ways! Art is a “silent speaker” that can say many things on behalf of animals who can’t speak for themselves. Here’s how.

Original Art: A Powerful Teaching Tool

Purple Honeycreeper is a watercolor painting by Bonnie LathamThere’s no doubt that art is a remarkable communication tool. Original art reveals feelings, expresses ideas, and relays complete messages in ways that words can’t. Art tells complete stories without a single sentence. Stained glass windows in Medieval European churches are one example.  

For millennia, people have used art to try to change inequality, violence, poverty, and other negative things in the world. These responses are expressed in original art to help us see something different and inspire change. For example, when we see a beautiful art piece of an endangered wolf enjoying its habitat, the negative perception of wolves disappears and we naturally want to help them. We may even change certain lifestyle habits to benefit their conservation. What happened? The art has now created an awareness of endangered wolves and inspired positive change. 

Benefiting Animals One Piece at a Time

This process is more powerful when art becomes a teaching tool for the generations. Awareness for helping animals is magnified when art is displayed in public places like businesses, art shows, and schools. Consider investing in an animal art collection if you run a local business or institution. Artwork purchases that donate a sales portion to help animals is a great way to show support. Some artists have dedicated their whole careers to helping animals, while animal shelters participate in art show events. Whether you buy a single art piece, sponsor a community event, or become a wildlife artist, every good deed counts when it comes to helping animals!

What Will You Do?

Now it’s your turn. How will you help animals in your community this year? Come share with us on Seaside Art Gallery’s Facebook page! And as always, you can always purchase art online or over the phone if you find an animal artwork that inspires you.

Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter. She writes articles, blogs, websites and online content from her base in North Carolina.

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