How to Display Your Favorite Miniature Art Pieces

June 12, 2018

Pussywillows is a miniature oil painting on ivorine by Gail MacArgel

By Chelsea Reed
Seeing a miniature art show up close and personal is a remarkable experience. The opportunity to look inside so many different worlds can uncover wonderful surprises. Memories, laughter, heartfelt connections, and even tears can be brought to the surface when you observe these striking little beauties in the palm of your hand. Taking a piece of that experience home with you is even better – you can enjoy viewing miniature art any time at your own convenience! It’s only natural then to desire displaying your miniature art pieces in the best way possible. We’ll share some professional tips and tricks how you can show off your prized minis to neighbors and friends.
Picture Perfect
The Dove is for Innocence is a miniature gouache on vellum painting by Debby Faulkner StevensMuch like prized figurines, miniature artwork looks fantastic inside lighted cabinets. Presenting them in enclosed display cases is a nice addition for the coffee table, drawer chest, or even a cube organizer. They won’t get dusty if they’re enclosed. If you prefer to hold the pieces in your hand, you may want to display them on an angled bookshelf or nightstand with your favorite family photos. The contrast between the art and photography is a delightful combination!
Compiling your mini paintings and drawings into a large frame with multiple picture slots is a good choice to save space. And of course, you can always hang them together alone on the wall or with conventionally sized art.
Minis on the Move
Artwork in your RV? You can with minis! One of the best things about miniature art is their convenient portability. They are easy to travel with stored in a bin. Because of their small size, they will look great inside the living quarters of apartments, RVs, and even yachts. They are also easy to move around no matter how many times you want to change the look of your walls. How about arranging them in a specific shape like a square or a triangle? Or, create your own mini-mosaic by setting them against each other like wall tiles. Display them however you like to express your style!
An Art Genre for Everyone
Whether you’ve planted your roots or are a wandering traveler, the portability and fine detail of miniature art can be appreciated by all walks of life. See the remarkable artistic efforts for yourself! Order your mini straight from the website, or call Seaside Art Gallery if you have questions or a special request. Thanks for reading!
Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter. She writes articles, blogs, websites and online content from her base in North Carolina.

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