How to Get the Most Out of a Painting Class

November 06, 2017

How to Get the Most Out of a Painting Class

By Chelsea Reed

Participating in a live painting class by a renowned artist is truly special. You can pick up remarkable tips to paint your own artwork and have a moment to get to know the artist personally. When a special opportunity like this comes along, you definitely want to get the most out of it. Below are some tips we recommend that will help you prepare for the unique learning style of a painting class with an artist.

Tip #1: Pay attention to the instructor’s brush strokes.

Bon Voyage by Debra KeirceWatching an artist painting in person isn’t something you see very often. Pay close attention to their brush strokes to see how they lay the paint for the desired look. Then, work on matching your own strokes with theirs as you watch them. You’ll develop your own painting style with continued practice, but you want to learn the correct way to do it in the beginning. This is the time when “copying” is encouraged, as it shows the instructor evidence that you’re learning the material!

Tip #2: Have your questions ready before the class.

It’s perfectly fine to ask your instructor questions when they arise during the class. But to get even more benefits from the answers, try to write your questions down ahead of time. That way you can cover the points you’ve always wanted to know about and focus more on the painting activity itself.

Tip #3: Take plenty of notes.

While your instructor is covering important teaching points, write them down on a notepad while it’s fresh. You’ll remember the material much better by capturing it in the moment instead of later on when you have to depend more on recall. That way, you can refer to what you’ve learned on your paper notes any time you’re painting after the class.

Tip #4: Be yourself and have fun!

Sometimes we get so caught up in painting a good picture in front of others, we forget how important it is to relax and have fun. Don’t worry about making mistakes – they are simply part of the wonderful journey of art. Remember that people with many kinds of painting skills attend a painting class. The only key to being a good art student is to listen well and have a good time!

Whether you have painted before or it’s your first time, a painting class with an artist is an opportunity that is too irresistible to miss. Did you know that the award-winning artist Debra Keirce is having two painting classes on November 18, 2017, at Seaside Art Gallery? The first class Orchid is held at 12:00 pm and the second class Seashell starts at 3:00 pm. In both of these classes, you will bring home your very own 6-inch square painting that Debra Keirce has under painted and you have finished yourself! Sign up today and learn Debra’s secrets in these special classes by calling Seaside Art Gallery at 252-441-5418 or emailing us at Reserve your spot now while you can – seats are filling up fast!

Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter. She writes articles, blogs, websites and online content from her base in North Carolina.

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