See the World Today with Beautiful Miniature Art!

May 20, 2019

Peaceful Retreat is a miniature oil painting by Elizabeth Brown

By Chelsea Reed

“To travel is to live.” That’s what Hans Christian Andersen, original author of The Little Mermaid, swore by. Traveling to new places is good for the soul. It broadens our perspectives, and it’s fun! Whether or not you have traveled abroad, miniature art is an exciting way for us to experience it. Seaside Art Gallery’s International Art Show showcases pieces from artists all over the world. Below are some of the represented countries you can find in the show this year.


The U.K. is prized for its sophisticated culture, architecture, gardens, and charm as a universal destination spot. From London to Berkshire there’s always something neat to do. Isn’t this oil painted country cottage by Elizabeth Brown relaxing? It provides the perfect atmosphere for a cup of tea!


There are good reasons why Italy is one of the most popular countries to visit. From delicious food to deep history to gorgeous weather, there is something for everyone. No need for a passport to venture Italian cities with Calhoun’s prismacolor pencil “Italy.” His lifelike detail makes it feel like you’re already there!


See the Holy Land through the eyes of an artist with these remarkable watercolor paintings by Lydia Douer. There’s a tantalizing realism about these views of Jerusalem. Instead of a grand centralized focal point, we see the city in the perspective of an individual walking along the streets. Beauty is shown in snapshots of the day to day that happens there. That’s why we love miniature art!


Welcome is a miniature watercolor painting by Chrysoula ArgyrosThese dreamy watercolors by Chrysoula Argyros are the perfect capture of daily life in Crete, Greece’s largest island. The Mediterannean island is renowned for exotic beaches, outdoor spots, and ancient Minoan palaces.


Have you ever dreamed to travel the streets of Paris? Climb the Eiffel Tower… Explore famous museums… Taste exquisite French cuisine… Experience the latest fashion trends… Thanks to this gorgeous painting of “Viva la France!” by Leonora De Lange, you can bring home a piece of the Paris magic for yourself. Your friends might even be fooled into thinking you bought it there!


Many Americans don’t realize the staggering amount of places to see for visitors to the United States. Miniature art is great to have on hand if you don’t have the opportunity to see all the sights. North Carolina barbeque? Check. Florida beaches? Done. Oregon nature? You got it. There’s even miniature artwork featuring Assateague Island, an unusual find. And of course, there’s plenty of art covering the scenic Outer Banks.

A Wonderful Small World

What other countries can you spot in this year’s International Miniature Art Show? Over 500 pieces are entered, and each one is original art. Come meet some of the artists at the Awards Reception on May 25 2019, 7pm - 9pm! It is free to the public and refreshments are served.

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina.

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