These 7 Awesome OBX Etchings Make You Feel Like a Local

September 14, 2019

Over Pea Island is an etching by David Hunter. This showcases the Bodie Island Lighthouse.

By Chelsea Reed

Coastal etchings have a magical way of providing the right nautical balance to any space, don’t they? These timeless Outer Banks themed etchings are no exception. David Hunter, an accomplished etching artist, is no stranger to this special “Ribbon of Sand.” His expert attention to detail captures Outer Banks life from an accurate local perspective. Below are some of our favorites!

1. Carolina Summer & Kill Devil Hills

It simply wouldn’t feel like local Outer Banks culture without the beach. There are more than 60 miles of natural coastline, and each town’s beach has its own “Banker” flavor. The sand color in Kill Devil Hills, for example, is different from Duck and Hatteras. And the Wright Brothers National Memorial is straight across the dunes!

2. Southwest of Bodie

Sure, pier and surf fishing in the ocean is fun. But if you want to fish like a true local, you’ve got to do it on the soundside in a skiff. There are many interesting marshes to explore like the ones in this etching of South Nags Head. You can fish from the skiff or try your hand at crabbing. If you’re brave enough, you can even steam the live catch yourself. 

3. Free Spirits

Free Spirits is an etching by David Hunter that celebrates the wild horses on the Outer BanksThe wild Outer Banks horses are the longest surviving locals around. These special horses have adapted to the harsh environment in unique ways. Did you know that the Banker ponies can eat the beach grass and drink seawater? Their fur coats also shed when they transition from summer to chilly winter temperatures. Now that’s making use of your resources!

4. Fisherman’s Dream

Outer Banks locals have strong ties with charter fishing. In fact, the original Carolina commercial boat designs were invented by local Banker boat builders. These legendary boats are revered in the national sportfishing industry. So the next time you go on a charter fishing trip, you can thank these talented craftsmen for making your dream a reality.  

5. Over Pea Island

The abundance of waterfowl has made the Outer Banks prime hunting grounds for more than a century. Hunting played a very important part of local history and survival, and a number of locals continue this tradition today. While no hunting is allowed in Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, there is a beautiful hunting area north of the park. This etching reflects these unspoiled remote marshes that attract hunters from all over the United States.

6. Fisherman’s Wife

Before the dawn of tourism, the primary industry in the Outer Banks was fishing. Life for the locals back then was lonely, rugged, and entirely dependent on the elements. A fisherman’s wife understood that each time her husband went out to sea, there was a chance for him not to come home. This wife is fortunate - the presence of fish and her relieved face indicate that her husband has returned safely to dry land. 

7. North of Hatteras

Outer Banks locals play in the summer, too! Many of them have a favorite beach to hang out at when they’re not working, like this neat little spot by Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Doesn’t it look like a nice area to fish, surf, and play with your family? Some of these places are only accessible by sand trails. If you’re clever enough, you might find one on foot.

Timeless and lightweight, etchings are a simple way to add local Outer Banks charm to your decor. And because many of David Hunter’s etchings are affordable, they are a great choice for beginning art collectors. Shop online today from wherever you are, or see them in person at Seaside Art Gallery for an authentic Outer Banks local experience.

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina.

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