This Delightful Fall Artwork Will Make You Season-Ready

October 11, 2019

An Apple a Day is an original oil painting by the artist, Debra Keirce

By Chelsea Reed

Fall is finally here! At last we can break out the apple cider and pumpkin spice. The time to celebrate the seasons with company is very soon. Are you ready? Fall themed art is a tasteful way to quickly prepare your home for the season. Here are some of our favorite pieces:

Autumn Maple Leaf by Beverly Abbott

The maple tree is famous for showing off its classic fall foliage. This oil painting certainly does it justice! Sized at 23 ½” x 29 ½” with the gold frame, it’s the perfect piece to welcome guests in the foyer or parlor and sit by the fire.

An Apple a Day by Debra Kierce

Apples are available year-round in the United States, but they’re especially magical in the fall. Maybe they turn extra crispy or juicy just for the occasion! These apples in Kierce’s oil painting sure look delicious. The painting is inspired by “The Basket of Apples,” another oil painting by Master artist Paul Cezanne. Cezanne was famous for mastering the ‘lived in’ look. You can see this reflected in Kierce’s painting as a homage.

Autumn Blues by Gail MacArgel

Red leaves and a blue jay? Why not! The contrasting colors provide gorgeous harmony. Sized at 4 x 5,” it’s a fun oil painting on ivorine that’s considered miniature art. This piece is wonderful to display in your office, study, or with your personal art collection.

Pumpkins by Allan Jones

Pumpkins is an original acrylic painting by the artist, Allan Jones

Everyone knows fall is not complete without pumpkins! This acrylic painting bears a rustic farmhouse feel that complements current weathered wood trends. It’s like a warm friend that graces your kitchen or dining room table in the next gathering.

Autumn Peak by Travis Humphreys

Ah... The scent of brisk mountain air and aspen pines! That’s what it feels like when you take one look at this serene oil painting on linen panel. Wouldn’t you like to stay in the log cabin and get away from it all? You can certainly imagine it with this piece in your home, even if it’s for a moment. Now, if only we can find the discovery of smell-a-vision...

Celebrate Autumn’s Bounty!

Whether it’s an abundant harvest or abundance of friends, you can always find something to celebrate in the fall. All of these pieces and more are available at Seaside Art Gallery. Shop online, by phone, or in the store - however you like! We look forward to helping you.

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina.

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