This is the Place for Unique Travel - Friendly Souvenirs

July 26, 2018

Resting Post is a water colored etching by David Hunter

By Chelsea Reed

Like many popular vacation destinations, quirky and fun souvenirs abound in the Outer Banks. But did you know that Seaside Art Gallery is a great place to find unique and travel-friendly souvenirs, too? In fact, most of the items shown below can travel by ship, plane, or even train with no problem. Start planning your holiday list now with these great gift-giving ideas.

David Hunter Etchings

If photographs are a popular souvenir trend, then etchings totally fit the bill. David Hunter, an award-winning artist, is famous for crafting each original etching by hand. Etchings are the only kind of print classified as original art. Not only that, their postcard-like size makes them easy to collect and very airline travel-friendly!

Beach Miniature Art

Morning Run is a miniature oil painting by Lauri WaterfieldOkay, you saw this idea coming from a mile away. But when you can see the ocean’s breathtaking beauty in person only once every so often, how do you resist? A piece of miniature beach art like this oil painting by Lauri Waterfield is the perfect take-along to remind coastal lovers of fond memories year-round.

A Cute Disney Ornament

No, this isn’t Florida. Disney ornaments like this cute little Thumper are right here at Seaside Art Gallery! A great collectible option for many ages, it fits great in any travel bag or carry-on.

Wood Carved Wonders

Initially inspired by hunting decoys, Outer Banks wood carvings are a unique cultural icon and definitely worth checking out. Many of them are hand carved by local and regional artists. This mallard carving by Jim Carpenter is made with a repurposed golf driver. Pretty clever!

Or Even an Engagement Ring!

Believe it or not, Seaside Art Gallery has a remarkable collection of estate jewelry, and many of them have authentic gold, silver, and precious stones that those with a trained eye for quality will appreciate. If you have an amazing sweetheart and are feeling a little bold, you could even comb through Seaside’s engagement rings and take it home to pop the question. Who knows? You just might find the right size!

Gifts that Delight Many on Your List

Many other treasures abound at Seaside Art Gallery, of course, and each piece is quality original art. Take a look now on our website or come to the Gallery in person to see them yourself! If you find a piece that is perfect for someone you know but you're not sure how to take it with you, no worries! We do offer flexible shipping options both in and outside the U.S.

Chelsea Reed is a freelance copywriter. She writes articles, blogs, websites and online content from her base in North Carolina.

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