Top 5 Amazing Facts About Beautiful Sapphire Gems

October 02, 2019

18kt Yellow gold sapphire and diamond ring

By Chelsea Reed

Who doesn’t enjoy sapphires? These precious gemstones are an all-time classic for good reason. Just one look at a sapphire reminds us of deep blue seas and crisp September skies. By the way, sapphire is September’s birthstone! Let’s check out these fun facts to learn more about this beautiful jewelry stone.

 1. Blue isn’t the Only Sapphire Color

Sapphire is a special gemstone that is found in just about every color of the rainbow. Red sapphires are called rubies because the chromium content that gives them their red color makes them a different gem. But not by much! Rubies and Sapphires are closely related sisters.

  1. It’s the Second Hardest Gemstone in the World

Antique Sapphire and Seed Pearl Pin with 14kt Yellow GoldOn the Moz scale of one to ten for hardness, sapphires rank at nine. The only material that’s harder than sapphires is diamonds. That means you don’t have to worry about scratching your sapphires up while you’re out and about. It’s also used in a lot of industrial applications. For example, the screens on several Apple Watch models are infused with sapphire.

  1.  Sapphires Are a Royal Favorite

Their deep, ‘heavenly’ blue has been a traditional favorite for royal families and rulers from as early as the Roman Empire. That’s where the color ‘royal blue’ came from! Medieval kings in Europe wore sapphires in their crowns. Even today, sapphires are popular royal engagement rings. Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring is now worn by Princess Catherine after Prince William proposed to her with it.

  1. They can Change Color and Shape, too

Some sapphires have the remarkable ability to change colors. A blue color-changing sapphire, for example, turns violet under incandescent light. Other Sapphires reveal a six-ray star pattern with a special cabochon gem cutting technique. This phenomenon is called the “star effect.”

  1. The Million Dollar Sale

Did you know that the French emperor Napoleon gave a sapphire engagement ring to his future wife Josephine in 1796? This ring boasts a beautiful simple gold band with pear shaped diamond and sapphire gemstones facing each other. The ring sold in 2013 for a whopping price of almost one million dollars!

The Prime Statement Piece

Did you know that Seaside Art Gallery has a gorgeous collection of sapphire jewelry? Check it out today in our estate jewelry section. Whether you have an engagement, anniversary, or are celebrating just because, sapphire gemstones always make the right statement.

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina.

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