Who Wants to See Art of Adorable Animals in the Fall?

October 23, 2019

Dashing is a watercolor painting of a red fox by the artist, Rebecca Latham

By Chelsea Reed

From viral cat videos to the neighbor’s new puppy, animals hold a special place in our hearts. Their lives and adorable personalities help bring our human selves together, no matter our differences. Even in the wild, animals can spare a moment or two to be endearing! Here we’ve curated some of our favorite art pieces that take a "snapshot" of them in the fall. Because why not? 

Dashing (Red Fox) by Rebecca Latham

With fall colored fur soft as can be, this foxy critter is good looking and quick on his feet! Doesn’t he look like he wants to play? Each adorable detail is captured in watercolor realism. And the clever title play is sure to bring out a few chuckles as a gift.

The Secret by Gail MacArgel

The Secret is a miniature oil painting on ivorine of two bluebirds by Gail MacArgelThese two bluebirds are crazy cute. What do you think they’re saying to each other? Perhaps they’re guessing how cold the coming winter will be. Maybe they’re talking about finding a delicious earthworm around the corner. Or, they’re about to have a birdie kiss! 

Hen & Rooster by N.W. Lalk

Sometimes you just have to go with the classics, and this endearing oil painting by Lalk is one of them. The stately feathered pair is a great addition to autumn kitchen and dining area decor. They’ll be with you while you’re up at the crack of dawn preparing Thanksgiving dinner! Well okay...maybe morning coffee instead. 

Blue Feathers by Gail MacArgel

The blue jay posing on top of the Indian corn brings a fresh touch to a classic autumn display. Like other works by MacArgel, it also happens to be miniature art sized at three inches. It’s painted with oil on ivorine and can be displayed anywhere, from a shelf to a desk to the Thanksgiving table.

Nature's Architect by Beverly Abbott

Check out this busy beaver! Painted with oil on ivorine, it’s certainly not wasting time getting ready for winter. The beaver is the largest rodent animal in North America. It’s especially known for altering its environment by building structures like dams and bridges. It also looks adorable while building them.

That’s it for now! We hope these cuties brighten up your day. They certainly make us smile! Is one of them calling your name to bring it home? You can buy it right here on our website, or see it in person at Seaside Art Gallery! Ask us about our flexible layaway option. Our staff is happy to help you!

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in North Carolina.

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