Winners! in the 29th Miniature Art Show

May 23, 2020

Stand Out from the Crowd is a miniature oil painting by Linda Wacaster

Judge’s Comments:

Judging an art show is never easy. It was made even more difficult this year by the circumstances which prevented me from attending the exhibition in person. Fortunately, Melanie was able to provide me with extra visuals, and having attended quite a few miniature art shows over the years, I have gained some understanding as to how much better they are in reality, and to consider that in my assessment.

As always, I ended up in the last few hours with an equation of very few awards for too many of the best pieces. Please know that I considered each and every work on its own merit – some spoke louder than others, but I took my time to listen to all of them. In the end, it was a matter of having to choose one piece for each award, and I could only do my best using my skills as a visual interpreter of this language that we call Art. There was amazing art here. You should all be proud of this exhibition.

Thank you so much for trusting me with this honor. - Judy Lalingo

Best in Show

Linda Wacaster - Stand Out From the Crowd

The timelessness of this portrait speaks volumes about humanity. Surrounded by others, the subject shines in his individuality and his choice of costume; the split lip is an endearing detail. This is an oil painting. 

2nd Place

Susan Murani - On the Deck

On the Deck by Susan Murani is a miniature oil paintingThe mischievous expression and posture of this dog along with the double entendre creates a playful mood to a wonderfully painted miniature. This is an oil painting.

3rd Place

Colton Calhoun - Rainy Day in Prague

Colton Calhoun art Rainy Day in PragueThe alluring composition and bold contrasts in this drawing pull the viewer in with the mystery and intrigue of a film noir. Mood is a predominant factor in this work; you can almost smell the wet pavement. This is a prisma color pencil.

Best Watercolor/ Opaque

Lynn Ponto PetersonRomance

Romance is a watercolor by Lynn Ponto PetersonPerfectly composed and elegantly presented, this exquisite still life demonstrates superb drawing skills and a mastery of rich texture and detail.

Best Watercolor/Transparent

Tony Craig - Brer Rabbit Motel

Bre Rabbit Motel is a watercolor by Tony CraigThis transparent watercolor is masterfully composed; the impressive treatment of a quirky subject is presented with skillful precision and attention to detail.

Best Oil

Karla Mann - Curious by Nature

Karla Mann Curious by NatureThis oil is exquisitely painted and well composed; the artist not only gives the viewer a distinct path to follow but enriches the piece with a warmth that lends itself well to the subject.

Best Acrylic

Emily Sloviko - Stately Stance

WellEmily Sloviko Stately Stance observed and beautifully rendered, this elegant heron stands tall with curved neck contrasted against a rich shaded background, giving great depth to this acrylic miniature.

Best Pastel

Christine Bass - Setting the Stage

Christine Bass pastel Setting the StageThe dynamic contrasts of value and color give this pastel piece a vitality that turns a simple landscape into one of drama and presence.

Best Etching/Engraving/Etc

Viviane de Kosinsky - Australian Wine

Australian Wine is an etching by Viviane de KosinskyThe intense warmth of this etching combined with the depiction of kangaroo and cockatoo all evoke the unique taste and character of Australia.

Best Drawing

Akiko Watanabe - Freddie on Kimono

Freddie on Kimono is a colored pencil drawing by Akiko WatanabeThe flow of this colored pencil drawing accentuates the languid fluidity of Freddie the cat. The striped pattern continues throughout the work and the vibrant green of his eyes rival the greens presented on the draped robe. Pattern and repetition lead the eye and hold the viewer’s interest.

Best Sculpture/Metal

Joy Beckner - Her Life’s A Ball

Her Life's a Ball is a bronze sculpture by Joy BecknerThis little bronze of a dachshund at play captures the spunky spirit of this breed as she attempts to grasp the elusive ball. The artist’s attention to detail and intimacy of her subject matter is apparent in this freestanding form.

Best Sculpture/Other

Joy Hannan - You Give Me Fever

You Give Me Fever is a mixed media sculpture by Joy HannanThis mixed media sculpture is at first glance both provocative and whimsical in style and presentation. Upon closer examination however, the viewer is rewarded by the sheer complexity and intricate detail, all within a miniature box frame.

Best Mixed/Encaustic/Collage

Wilma Lopez - Foothills

Wilma Lopez Foothills encaustic paintingThe exotic textures created in this encaustic painting are both compelling and visually satisfying, suggesting an almost palpable landscape bordering on lands beyond the imagination.

Best Abstract

Ted Rosen - Rough Seas

Rough Seas is an abstract by Ted RosenThis is an intriguing work suggesting a viewpoint from above, looking down into broiling water. The organic textures on this are both complex and well composed with an energy befitting nature.

People's Choice 

Richard William Haynes - Somebody Loves Me

Somebody Love Me is a watercolor by Richard William HaynesThis award was selected by popular votes from art lovers. We were able to offer voting online this year. This is a watercolor and was used on the invitation for the show. 

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