Vintage Black Lacquered Russian Box- "The Falconer"

Seaside Art Gallery


vintage black lacquered Russian box painted by the Russian Collection, artist O. Shavirin, circa 1997. The Fedoskino Style miniature scene is one of a young Falconer, seen wearing an old Russian costume and holding a falcon. In medieval Russia the falconer was in charge of the Tsar's falcon hunting. Trimmed with beautiful gilt floral bordering all around the box. The interior with hinged lid is solid bright red, creating a rich quality item. This piece measures 4 1/4” l x 2 1/2” w x 2” d and is in good condition, some cracking on bottom.

FYI: The art of lacquered miniatures is several millennia old, arriving in Russia during the 18 Century. Since then Russian lacquered articles have won a place for themselves in world culture. The miniature works of Fedoskino artists are in private collections and Museums around the World.

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